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About Us

About GCarbon

Gowrishankar Chemicals (P) Ltd, GCARBON is a leader in the production, supply and design of technologies, products and services for the purification, separation, and treatment of liquids and gases. GCARBON, a pioneer in granular carbon adsorption technology for more than two decades, is the leading producer and marketer of activated carbon and associated services. GCARBON produces a range of granular carbons, including granular and impregnated products for use in a wide range of liquid and vapor applications exclusively from coconut shell charcoal.

For many years, the food processing, beverages, brewery and distillery industry have been using activated carbon (granular and powdered forms) to remove taste, odor, chlorine and chloramine from water supplies.

More recently, both government and industry have raised new concerns about the increased incidence of surface and groundwater supplies contaminated with hazardous organic compounds and heavy metals. Because of the potential health risks associated with ingestion of contaminated water, many food processors, particularly those using water as an ingredient in their product, use activated carbon to remove trace organic chemicals.

High quality product

By filtering water supplies through a properly designed activated carbon system, food, brewery and beverages processors can maintain a consistently high quality product.

Protection to product

They can assure their consumers of protection against undesirable contamination of their product.

Easy to install and maintain

Activated carbon filtration equipment is relatively simple to install, operate and maintain.
Our Services
Carbon systems used in the food processing and beverage industries are generally supplied through equipment manufacturers dealing in water treatment equipment.
Carbon specialists from GCARBON can work closely with you and/or equipment manufacturers to determine the feasibility and economics of a carbon system to satisfy your particular requirements.
GCARBON will follow through with complete assistance to assure successful operation of the system that will help you meet your operating objectives.